Saturday, 30 June 2012

Coming soon...

Heres a quick round up of forthcoming events that i'm involved in...

Toovey's Contemporary Art Auction
Toovey's hold annual sales of contemporary art at auction at their Spring Gardens
salerooms in Washington. The work will be displayed at Horsham Museum and Art
Gallery from 1st June to 7th July in their preview exhibition 'Off The Wall'

I have three large paper-cut pictures in the auction. It was great to be asked to take
part with so many other great artists, it will be exciting and nerve wracking on the
day of the auction.

for more info please see here:

and here:

Rye Art Gallery Summer show
Opening in early July. Details to follow shortly!

'Crafted' Exhibition at Huyton Art Gallery, Knowsley 16 July - 7 October
'Crafted is a celebration of contemporary craft makers, with particular emphasis
on innovative design practices'

I have four small paper-cut pictures in the show.I was really chuffed to be asked
to take part in this and I hope it goes well for everyone involved with it.

for more info please see here:

And finally I'm really pleased to say that the Quay Arts Centre Craft Shop now stock
a small range of my items including the Apple and Worm and the Cheese
with removable mouse models pictured above.

for more onfo please see here:

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Northampton Museum: 'Telling Tales' on now!

The thing that has probably taken up the most of our time recently is producing all the work for what is probably our biggest exhibition yet.

Its on at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery from the 9th June to the 5th August.

A brief description:

Models, papercut pictures and embellished photographs combine to tell the story of a missing Prince lost deep in mysterious woods. Inspired by the rich variety of local tales and legends associated with Northamptonshire.

Most of the work in the show is for sale, and there is something to suit all budgets.

Entry to the Museum is free, its a fun and family oriented venue so if you are in the area its well worth checking out (or even if you are not!)

We wrote the story the exhibition is based around ourselves by selecting our  favourite elements from various Northamptonshire Folklore and Legends and then wrote a new story linking them all.
It was a lot of fun to do, but really hard to edit down, our original story was waaay too long!

It was a lot of work but the exhibition looks really good, and we're really please with it.
I even got photographed for the Northamton Chronicle, now theres a claim to fame!

We hope some of you can make it down there!

P.S. One of my Sleepy rabbits had a little adventure before the exhibition began.
You can find out what he got upto here:

Return to sender...

I recently entered the 'Worthing Tourist Board Design a Postcard Competition'
after only finding out about it the evening before the competition deadline!

I managed to come up with the design below in under a couple of hours. I didn't win which was a little disappointing but I am still pretty pleased with how the design turned out.
There's nothing like a retro looking Sun to cheer you up!

The winning entry by Erica Sturla was really good though and it will now be printed up into a bona fide postcard for sale in the Worthing Tourist Information Centre.

Our Adventures in Anorak!

Hello! we're back after a bit of a break!

Things have been a bit of a blur since our first baby 'Charley' arrived back in February :-)

But we are just about on top of things now and ready to get back into regular Blog updates!

Apart from changing a mini mountain of nappies we've also been super busy with a whole
load of other projects which I will write about soon.

The first of which is Our Adventures in Anorak!

Yup, thats right you can see a whole weeks worth of our adventures in the latest issue of the awesome Anorak magazine (or you can look below, but I would still urge you to buy the magazine as it is a real treat for the eyes)

 I had intended it to be a double page spread allowing readers to fill in their own adventures on the next page but due to a lack of space sadly they could only print the one page.