Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our Adventures in Anorak!

Hello! we're back after a bit of a break!

Things have been a bit of a blur since our first baby 'Charley' arrived back in February :-)

But we are just about on top of things now and ready to get back into regular Blog updates!

Apart from changing a mini mountain of nappies we've also been super busy with a whole
load of other projects which I will write about soon.

The first of which is Our Adventures in Anorak!

Yup, thats right you can see a whole weeks worth of our adventures in the latest issue of the awesome Anorak magazine (or you can look below, but I would still urge you to buy the magazine as it is a real treat for the eyes)

 I had intended it to be a double page spread allowing readers to fill in their own adventures on the next page but due to a lack of space sadly they could only print the one page.

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