Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Super Screenprints

Last year I had two of my pictures made into screenprints by the super talented folks at Hippo screenprinters(Augustine of Hippo was the patron Saint of printers in case you were wondering?!)
You can see some of their creations here: http://www.hipposcreenprinters.com/

Having always been interested in the screenprinting process, but never having mastered it myself I was really keen to see how my two pictures turned out in the hands of the professionals. I was really pleased with the end results. Thanks Hippo!

The pictures I chose are 'Ancient Oak' (top) a tree chock full with cosy critters and 'Hide and Seek' (bottom) i'm not sure whos doing the hiding and whos doing the seeking?!

P.S. If you like them they are available in our Etsy shop here:

1 comment:

  1. Hello! Nice to hear about your sinister looking light switch people! I have got one that has two noses. He's abit strange!

    Nice blog, nice work. Thanks for saying hello!